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Northern Escapes was established by a group of like-minded people who deeply cherished the natural heritage, culture, religion and traditions of the land. All of them are well aware of the boundless bounty of nature have endowed the Himalayas with and how the same is vital for the survival of locals.  

Headed by travel photo journalist Gaurav Schimar (www.gauravschimar.com), Northern Escapes is synonymous with ecologically responsible tourism in the Himalayas aimed at benefitting the locals while preserving the fragile environment of this Himalayan and Trans-Himalayan kingdom.

Northern Escapes (initially Ladakh Eco Trips) started with its operations in Ladakh. The trips in Ladakh offered an unparalleled experience to the lucky travelers who found themselves in the hands of an experienced team, exploring the land, staying with locals, walking on the frozen Zanskar River or pedaling through its foaming waters in summers. Many travellers wanted to witness the never seen before wildlife and we started arranging wildlife tours. As a result many were able to capture the magnificence of the native animals of Zanskar including the majestic snow leopard, the rare ibex and the elusive wolf…  Later, the ecologically sensitive model was replicated in other places and operations were expanded into Kashmir, Himachal, Spiti, Kumaon, Garhwal and Nepal.

  • Northern Escapes offers off the beaten track travel options in the Northern Himalayas to the intrepid traveler.
  • Himalayan Trips: The trips rips are designed to showcase the true essence of the majestic Himalayas in an ecologically sensitive         fashion.
  • The Real Picture: Our trips give you a deep insight into the incredible land, its people, their culture and traditions and its other wild inhabitants and their way of life.
  • Wildlife: Our wildlife trips with highly experienced local guides ensure that you are besotted by the highly enigmatic and rare high-altitude wildlife.
  • Culture: Our cultural trips let you live with the locals and learn about their culture and traditions.
  • Adventure: Our treks, cycling, motor biking and jeep safari expeditions take you on a high adrenaline rush while respecting the land and its sensibilities.
  • Photo Safaris: With experienced professional photographers in our team, the photo safaris ensure irrespective of whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, your lens gets to capture some highly dramatic moments.
  • Winter: Our winter trips take you to explore Himalayas at their dramatic best. Our sturdy 4X4 vehicles and experienced guides and drivers ensure you travel safely and experience the best. 
  • Responsible Tourism: Northern Escapes promotes responsible tourism benefiting the locals and ensures that all the trips have makings of memoirs to last you for a lifetime.
  • Social Responsibility: Northern Escapes contributes 10% of its income to a dedicated fund which goes towards preserving the Himalayan ecology and helping the locals with education, rural electrification and medical support.

Northern Escapes Field Team:

  • Ladakh operations are headed by Karma
  • Kashmir trips are organized by Farooq
  • Spiti trips are taken care by Sher Singh
  • Himachal Pradesh is taken care by Rajinder Kumar
  • Garhwal trips are organized by Deepak Rawat
  • Kumaon trips are overseen by Virendra Negi
  • Nepal trips are executed by Laxman Baral
  • An extensive team of guides, drivers, cooks and porters in all regions
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